Analog Rotation Module(.NET Gadgeteer Compatible)

via DFRobot

This Analog Rotation Module is Discontinued Now, We recommend supply more Interactive Sensors as a suitable replacement.

This analog rotation module is .NET Gadgeteer compatible, which uses the .NET Micro Framework to make writing code for your device as easy as writing a desktop, Web or Windows Phone application.
It is based on a potentiometer which can be rotated upto 300 degrees. This module converts rotary motion to an analog input which can be used to control the speed of a mobile robot, the volume of a music device or others .
NOTE: SDK or drivers for Gadgeteer platform not included. Drivers are a community maintained projects, for contributions please forward directly to Github or Codeplex.

  • Signal type: Analog
  • Rotary angle: 300 degree
  • Size:32x27mm(Length x Width) (1.26x1.06")



  • Analog Rotation Module(.NET Gadgeteer Compatible) x1
  • Cable for Gadgeteer x1