Uno R3 - Little Bird

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The Little Bird Uno R3, is a 100% Arduino™ compatible development board.
Just like the original Arduino Uno the Arduino Shield compatible design makes adding expansion boards easy.
This Arduino can be powered from 7-15 VDC or using your computer's USB port (limited aviable current to pins if done so).
This board includes a USB type B Cable.

Fully Arduino-Uno Compatible

  • ATMEL ATMega328P Microcontroller
  • ATMega16u2 USB-Serial Chipset 
  • Input/Output:
    • Digital IO: 14 pins (6 are configurable as Digital or PWM)
    • PWM Capable: 6 pins
    • Analog Inputs: 6 pins
    • Serial Ports: 1 (more supported via SoftwareSerial library)
  • Input voltage:
    • 5V DC Regulated via USB port or 5V pin
    • 7-14V DC via Vin pin or power jack. (On-board regulator supplies 5V when the unit is powered via Vin pin)
  • Dimensions: 75(W) x 53(L) x 13(H)mm

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