SparkFun Resistor Chart Sticker

via SparkFun
SKU SF-SWG-10108

We have 21 units in our Sydney Warehouse available for immediate dispatch.

We can get a further 191 units in Australia from SparkFun. If you order today, we can dispatch this stock between Jul 30, 2021 - Aug 01, 2021.

This handy resistor code sticker allows you to decipher the color coded bands on resistors and determine their value. It measures about 4" x 5" and is adhesive-backed for sticking to your wall, workbench, or coworker.


  • Red background with white contrast lettering
  • Adhesive-backed
  • Highly portable
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable
  • Negligible error rate
  • Extremely low power consumption