XLR-3 Cable - 5ft

XLR-3 Cable - 5ft Australia
XLR-3 Cable - 5ft Australia XLR-3 Cable - 5ft Australia XLR-3 Cable - 5ft Australia
Product ID: SF-CAB-15308


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Sparkfun's Description of the XLR-3 Cable - 5ft


This is a 5 foot (~1.5m) long XLR-3 cable capable of better communications for lighting and special effects through standard or digital communication protocols. We specifically like to use this cable with our ESP32 Thing Plus DMX to LED Shield but it can also be used with DMX fixtures that utilize an XLR-3 jack.

This cable possesses a 24AWG diameter and is terminated with a 3-pin male XLR connector at one end and a 3-pin female XLR connector at the other.

Note: The usage of 3-pin XLR connectors for DMX signals is technically prohibited by section 7 of ANSI E1.11 - 2008. Please take care not to confuse lighting cables with audio cables.

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