USB Powered Soldering Iron

USB Powered Soldering Iron Australia
USB Powered Soldering Iron Australia USB Powered Soldering Iron Australia USB Powered Soldering Iron Australia USB Powered Soldering Iron Australia
Product ID: PK-SI-168U


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Prokits's Description of the USB Powered Soldering Iron


This is a handy little USB powered Soldering Iron.  Great for you on-the-go tool kit.

It has a super slim tip for fine work and is replaceable.

It has an auto sleep function where it powers off after 25 seconds of not being used.  This saves power and is a safety feature.

●USB 5V Powered
●15 sec. Fast Heat up
●8W Power Consumption

This is a fully functional USB powered soldering iron brings you more convenient.
Compact and slim for portability with rapid heat up and instant recovery.


  • Has to be connected to a usb socket capable of sourcing more than 1.5amps such as a mobile phone USB charger.

USB powered

  • easy for on-the-go use

Fast Heating up

  • in less than 15 seconds, cooling down in less than 30 seconds.

Auto sleep mode

  • for power saving and prolonging the lifetime of heater.

Low power consumption

  • 8W and high temperature reach to 480°C.

Replaceable long life tip

  • for greater efficiency and long service life (Replaceable tip : 9SI-B162-T)

Metal touch switch

  • control provides fast heating response.

Working indicator

  • to avoid accident.
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