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UP Plus 2 3D Printer Australia
UP Plus 2 3D Printer Australia UP Plus 2 3D Printer Australia
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We have 1 units of the UP Plus 2 3D Printer in stock at our Sydney warehouse.

If ordered before 2pm, this part would be delivered on or before Monday, Nov 19 to most parts of Australia.

We can get a further 100 units from 3D Printing Systems Australia.
If you order today we can dispatch this stock between Tuesday, Nov 13 and Monday, Nov 19 2018.

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3D Printing Systems's Description of the UP Plus 2 3D Printer


UP Plus 2 - Next Generation in Professional 3D Printing

  • Redesigned model inside and out, engineered to provide continuous dimensionally accurate 3D printed parts
  • Best-in-class desktop 3D Printer and easiest to use
  • Innovative auto leveling platform calibration and automatic height sensor
  • Improved 3D print spooling speed

UP Plus 2 3D Printer

Using a 3D Printer just got easier, the UP Plus 2 features automatic platform levelling along with automatic platform height detection. The all new UP Plus 2 is the latest version of the award-winning UP Plus 3D printer. It is closely based on its predecessor, but with a host of innovative new refinements. The newest way to print quality 3D models right from your desk for visualisation, collaboration, and functional prototyping testing. 

Automatic Platform Levelling


Auto-platform height

Award Winning 3D Printer

Best 3D Printer - Make Magazine The all-new UP Plus 2 is based on the award winning UP Plus 3D Printer (also known as Afinia in USA) that won the Make Magazine Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing Buyer's Guide Competition. [tagline_box title="Make Magazine editors said" description="A Clear winner and Easy to use, with feature-rich software and impressive print quality."] The only printer that managed to print the owls nostril was the UP 3D Printer, even 3d printer bureau parts from Shapeways and Ponoko didn't manage this test correctly. Watch some of the results 20 minutes into the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4plMvIzlA0.

Smart Support

 The clever 3D Print software that comes with your 3D Printer does the hardest job of all. No matter how complex your 3D model is, the visual printer software driver will work out where it needs to support the model during printing. Then the 3D Printer prints the support material in a lower density at the same time as printing the part. That’s smart stuff! Once the model has been printed, you simply just break away the support material. So no need to worry if your part or model will print. Since it is all automatic, all you need to do is click ‘Print’. The UP Plus 3D printer and software will analyse your design, see where support will be required and then build it all for you. No worries! Just an easy to use 3D printer.

Full Metal Jacket

With a strong and durable steel structure and linear bearings on each axis, the UP Plus 2 is built for making quality parts endlessly 24hrs a day. The registration of each layer is absolutely spot-on the previous layer. So you get constant build quality every print. 

Easiest to use

There is no other 3D Printer that is as easy to use as the new UP Plus 2. With it's innovative auto levelling (the hardest job for any 3D Printer operator is to level the print platform, as it is essential to have a flat and level surface before your 3D model is printed.) Everything you need is in the box! Our printers are easy to use, with minimal setup, USB connectivity and include the Smart visual print driver. 3D Printing has never been so easy. Just load in your STL and click 'print' and away you go! There is no need to worry about over hangs or under cuts. [tagline_box title=" description="From the home, the classroom, and to the office. Our 3D Desktop Printers are easy to use for everyone! With a network of local Australian and New Zealand resellers with local support."] 

Ideal for the Prosumer

With the "UP Plus 2" 3D Printer you can print professional (150 micron detail), tough and functional parts faster and more affordable right on your desk. Pair that with our open consumable design, you can keep the cost of printing low. When using our filament, the cost of printing is about 6-8c per gram!  When selecting a 3D Printer it is important to take into account the total cost of ownership.  Traditional inkjet printing has been locked down to manufacturers inks, the UP Plus 2 uses an open consumable design, if it meets the specifications you can print with it and save! 

Colour 3D Printing

With over 15 colours to choose from and in three different ABS plastic material types. A high impact translucent crystal ABS, a white ABS+ that is tough and can flex ideal for snap lock fitting parts.  Many more to come, including glow in the dark, high impact and star burst. Create the rose in red, stem in green and the vase in lime. Give your designs that extra bling, let them glow in the night. If you prefer to stick to the basics, our white plastic is the most versatile. You can dye it using clothing dye to any colour you want! It just soaks it right up! What about creating the full colour model? Grab your paint brush and get to it! ABS plastic is very versatile - you can sand it, paint it, dye it, drill it and use it for functional parts.

Create Super Large Parts

Just because it's a desktop 3D Printer, doesn't mean you can't make super large parts. By slicing your model into several  components, then printing and gluing together you can make some impressive models. For example the Eiffel Tower in the picture, stands nearly a meter tall and is made of thirteen separate parts. Amazing engineering, amazing 3D printing.


ABS Plastic

The UP Plus 2 can print in ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) thermoplastic which is the same plastic as Lego. ABS is the plastic of choice for 3D Printers, as the printed parts are tough and durable. The parts are built tough and can be used as usable parts and functional end-use parts. Removal of support material is easy and safe. No dangerous chemicals are required, just simply break away the support that is printed in the same material but in a lower density. You can slice your models into parts, print them in components and then just glue using nail varnish remover (Acetone).


The UP Plus 2 3D Printer can also print with PLA (Polylactic acid). PLA is derived from corn and is biodegradable. The big advantage of printing with PLA is that it can be used for investment casting / lost wax casting. In general, PLA is not the recommended plastic to print with, as the material starts breaking down after a few months and printed parts are fragile.  The material is very sharp when broken and can be a hazard when removing support material from the printed parts. 

Smart Software

The UP Plus 2comes with our easy to use Smart Visual Print Driver software. Just open up your STL (Most 3D CAD software packages can export to STL) - with the software you can rotate, scale and resize to your heart's content. Much like a traditional 2D where printer where you can choose different settings, you can also choose your 3D print settings. Layer thickness, fill type (Honeycomb hollow or solid), quality and amount of Smart Support you want for each print. If that’s too much for you, don’t worry the default settings will work just fine by just clicking 'print'! [tagline_box title="Printing out multiples of the same thing?" description="It’s easy! Just click 'reprint' . It saves time by printing an exact copy of the previous model."] So there is no need to use special software. Just about anything will do! As long as you can get it into a water tight STL file. 

Digital Design Software (3D CAD)

There are so many great 3D CAD options available to turn your idea into a professional 3D CAD model in just a few minutes. Tinkercad has got to be the easiest to use, it’s cloud based so will run on multiple platforms. 3DTin also deserves a mention as another cloud based design option. Both of these export to STL files so they are ready for 3D Printing. Did I say they are both Free! Another free alternative is Google Sketchup. The majority of 3D CAD software can export to STL, so the UP Plus 2 works with Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, Rhino, 3DSMax, Creo and many others.Small on size, big on featuresAll the features of industrial sized 3D printers packed into a form factor that fits right on your desk.

"It has 90% of the quality of the bigger machines at 10% of the price. With its wonderful smart support and is easy to use, you will be pumping out professional parts, model after model!",
Mark Stolten, Senztek Ltd.
"I've seen the UP 3D Printer in operation at three different organisations and it has made a favourable impression. I believe it could serve as a tool for product design and concept modelling as well as for education and training in additive manufacturing",
Terry Wohlers, Wohlers Report.

UP Plus 2 3D Printer Specifications

Build platform140mm width, 140mm depth, 135mm height
Smart SupportIntelligent snap off support material, printed in the same material, printed at a lower density and built automatically by the included 3D print software
Auto calibrationYes the UP Plus 2 features, auto levelling and auto height setup. It's the easiest 3D Printer for you! 
Selectable layer resolution0.15mm (150 micron), 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm - That's a super fine detail of 150 micron!
Raftless printingYes
Print speed3-30mm3/sec
Dimension245mm width,260mm depth, 350mm height
Shipping Weight10kg
Power input110-220VAC, 50-60Hz, 220W
ConnectivityUSB (Print job stored and spooled to Printer, ability to turn off computer during printing.)
Consumables1.75mm ABS Plastic Filament and PLA which is ideal for lost wax or investment casting
Warranty12 month return to base
SoftwareSTL 3D layout and printing software included free: Windows (XP,Vista,7,8 & 10) 32/64 bit and MAC OSX 10.7 Beta
Unboxing time to print15 minutes



What's in the box

Everything you need is in the box, ready for you to start turning your ideas into real parts. You don't require any extras. We even give you a free roll of white ABS plastic filament included with your new 3D Printer. 

  • UP! Plus 2 Desktop 3D Printer
  • One free  500g spool of 1.75mm tough ABS white  plastic filament
  • Perfboard x 3
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • USB Cable
  • Selection of tools to maintain and self service the printer
Smart 3D Print Software

Visual 3D Print Software and drivers

The included Smart 3D Print software included with your UP Plus 2 3D Printer is very easy to use and is very smart. It automatically calculates the required support material for the most demanding 3D models. Just load any STL file (Just about every 3D CAD modelling software can export to STL).  It doesn't matter how complex your 3D model is, it will churn through the 3D model at lightning speeds and then start printing it out. 

  • Scale, Rotate, Move & Print
  • Supported File Types: STL
  • Extrusion temperatures 260 and 200 degrees
  • Print Preview with material usage and time estimates
  • Automatic placement
  • Repeat last print
  • Rotate, Resize, Scale, Move 3D object
  • Select layer thickness
  • Select print speed vs. quality
  • Variable fill of models with honeycomb fill.
  • Fine to large honeycomb mesh
  • Smart Support
  • Automatic Support material angles, 10 to 80 degrees

General Questions

We have purchased quite a few Up mini 2 printers from you guys and we are having occasional trouble with one or the other clogging the print head. I am guessing it may be user error in the filament settings. Any other ideas for us please?

Normally its to do with either the filament having too much backpressure on it e.g nozzle too close, filament stuck in the heater assembly, dirty drive gear. Another thing is the filament settings e.g temperature being too hot/cool.

Anyway, as a way of getting out of trouble is it possible to buy replacement print heads so our staff can swap them out until I get a chance to clean them. I soak the clogged bits in acetone, is that the best way?

You can purchase replacements ones and yes using acetone is the best way to clean the nozzle tip on its own.

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