Stepper Motor 42BYG

Stepper Motor 42BYG Australia
Stepper Motor 42BYG Australia
Product ID: LB-LR0214-50


We have 32 units of the Stepper Motor 42BYG in stock at our Sydney warehouse.

If ordered before 2pm, this part would be delivered on or before Tuesday, May 28 to most parts of Australia.

We can get a further 1000 units.
If you order today we can dispatch this stock between Thursday, Jun 06 and Tuesday, Jun 11 2019.

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Little Bird's Description of the Stepper Motor 42BYG


This is a shaft- reversed stepper motor that is frequently used in CNC machines and 3D printers.


This is a Nema17 size stepper motor with a 1.7 x 1.7 inch (43.2 x 43.2 mm) faceplate. 

The Nema 17 is larger and generally heavier than for example a Nema 14, but this also means it has more room to put a higher torque. However, its size is not an indication of its power.


High Quality Nema 17 42 BYG Shaft-Reversed Stepper Motor For 3D Printer DIY CNC



2 Phases 

Step Angle: 1.8±5% degree/phase

Voltage: 4.2V DC

Current: 1.2A/phase

Resistance: 8.8±10% Ω/phase

Inductance: 6.0mH±20 %( 1kHz 1V rms)

Lead style: AWG26 UL1007

Comes with 70cm 4-Lead Wire

Holding torque: Min

Detent torque: Max

insulation resistance:100MΩ Min (DC 500V)

Insulation class: B (130°C)

Rotor torque: 2  

70cm long cabe

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