Wireless Luggage Tracker

via Jaycar
Ever found yourself standing at the baggage carousel wondering what has happened to your bag? Avoid the stress with this intelligent dual function gadget. Track the location of your luggage by attaching the switched on slave unit to your bag prior to check-in. After landing at your destination simply turn on the master unit, press the search button and let the tracker find your bag. Distance LEDs gradually light up and the beeper/vibrations become rapid as you get closer to the bag while the left/right LEDs indicate the direction of your bag.

The luggage tracker doubles as an anti-theft device for a wallet, purse etc. by sounding an alarm on both units when moved further than a set distance away from each other. Just place the credit card sized slave unit into your wallet or purse, set the desired distance to either six or fifteen metres, and keep the master unit in a different spot such as in your pocket.

* Range: up to 120m (line of sight)
* Alarm with vibration
* Built-in belt clip
* Pack contains: master unit, slave unit, battery cover, batteries, luggage tag, lanyard strap and user manual
* Battery life on standby
- Master: 50 days (8 hrs a day)
- Slave: 60 days (8 hrs a day)
* Dimensions
- Master: 52.8(L) x 39(W) x 13.2(D)mm
- Slave: 80(L) x 50(W) x 2.8(D)mm

Warranty: 3 Months