Wireless Door Bell with Door / Window Sensor

via Jaycar
A convenient way to add entry alerts to a home or a small business. Included is a wireless doorbell and a wireless window sensor. The doorbell button will trigger the doorbell to sound off one of 7 user selectable chime sounds. The window sensor, which is triggered by a reed switch, can be installed on a window (or door) and will trigger the chime when the window is closed or opened depending on how you choose to position the sensor. The doorbell can be left freestanding or mounted to a wall with the supplied mounting accessories. The doorbell button and window sensor can trigger different sounds so you know where entry has occurred. Overall, a totally wireless, hassle-free doorbell system.

* 7 unique doorbell sounds
* Range: Up to 50m
* LED low battery indication
* Wireless speaker requires: 3 x AA batteries (not included)
* Doorbell button requires: 1 x A23 battery (included)
* Wireless window sensor requires: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
* Doorbell dimensions: 163(H) x 90(W) x 42(D)mm
* Doorbell button dimensions: 88(H) x 28(W) x 24(D)mm
* Window/door sensor dimensions:87(H) x 39(W) x 25(D)mm

Width 39mm
Depth 25mm
Battery type 23A
Battery Pack Quantity 1pc
Battery used for Transmitter
Batteries can be replaced
Battery type AA
Battery Quantity 3pc
Are batteries included
Batteries can be replaced
Battery compartment location Back
Disposable battery required to power Main Product
Wireless Doorbell Range 50m
Doorbell Sounds 7
LED Low Battery Indicator