White CR2032 battery holder


We have 80 units in our Sydney Warehouse available for immediate dispatch.

This is a simple coin cell battery holder that can enclose two CR2032 batteries inside itself, and safely kept closed via two phillips head screws. Each battery holder will run batteries in series, output up to 6V, and is equipped with an On/Off slide switch and two 4" power wires (one positive and one negative) on the back. These battery packs can also be turned to on/off intermittent flashing


  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Made of ABS material, lightweight, convenient to carry.
  • This battery box holder with wires, suitable for 2x CR2032 batteries
  • With spring clip design, you can easily put the battery in it



  • Product model: 6V CR2032 Battery Box
  • Material:PP Polypropylene
  • Metal material:stainless steel plated environmentally friendly nickel material
  • Wire material:1007 # 26awg
  • Diameter:30mm
  • Height:10mm

*note batteries not included