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WeDraw-Eggy is an educational robot toy designed for kids ages 3-8. 

For parents, WeDraw-Eggy is a little "home teacher." With WeDraw-Eggy, kids can learn drawing, spelling,  the alphabet, counting, shape recognition, additions, subtractions and mathematics puzzles.

For kids, WeDraw-Eggy is a little friend. It talks, blinks, draws and writes. Kids can have fun by drawing  and playing games with WeDraw-Eggy.

Learn drawing step by step

Kids love drawing. They have great imagination but lack basic drawing skills. WeDraw-Eggy breaks down each picture into basic lines and shapes which kids can emulate easily. 

Day by day, kids acquire skills to draw and finally apply their imagination to create their own work.

WeDraw-Eggy is a teacher to show, talk and explain step by step how to finish each picture.


Our Artist - Ralph Masiello

About Ralph

Ralph Masiello was born and raised in the state of Massachusetts. With over 30 years of experience in children’s art, Ralph has illustrated many children’s books including The Icky Bug Alphabet Book (selling over 2.5 million copies all over the world), The Flag We Love, as well as his very own drawing series. 

Since 1987, he has been invited to over 2,700 schools in USA! With so much experience and expertise in children’s art, we are confident that he can deliver the best drawing illustrations to your kids.

Design by Ralph

To the greatest honor, we have signed Ralph as our Chief Artist in 2018!

All the pictures are designed exclusively for WeDraw-eggy by Ralph Massiello.

For now Ralph has designed over 50 drawings with 5 different themes for WeDraw Eggy (including Monsters, Robots, Ocean lifes, Dinosaurs and Fantasy creatures)

Learn more about Ralph Masiello 


Counting and math puzzles


Take a math challenge from WeDraw-Eggy. 

Pick one math challenge card and scan it. Watch and listen carefully, WeDraw-Eggy will draw and ask questions from time to time. Kids need to figure out the correct answer and scan the number card.

If the right number card is scanned, WeDraw-Eggy will then move on to the next question.

Have problems to find the right answer? No problem, press the button on top to get hints. 

Spelling words


Learn writing and spelling with WeDraw-Eggy.

Pick an English challenge card and scan it. WeDraw-Eggy will start to draw and describe key features of the animal. Watch and listen carefully. Make a guess what animal it is.

Next, use the letter cards to complete the spelling. WeDraw-Eggy will write down each letter once the correct letter card is scanned. If kids have any problem finding the right letter, simply press the button on top to get hints.


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