Vibration Motor 11.6x4.6x4.8mm

via Pololu
SKU PL-2265

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This tiny DC motor produces vibrations by spinning an eccentric shaft at over 10,000 RPM when powered at 3 V. Motors like this are commonly found in cell phones and other devices that use vibration for tactile feedback, and its small size (11.6 × 4.6 × 4.8 mm) and light weight (0.8 g) make it easy to integrate into systems with tight space constraints. The motor has 1.5″ leads and is encased in a removable rubber sleeve that gives it flat surfaces for mounting and prevents it from chattering against whatever it is mounted to. It is intended for operation around 3 V (2.4 V to 3.5 V recommended), and polarity is not important (the motor can run CW or CCW). See the datasheet under the resources tab for more information on this motor.

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