USB Weather Board

via Pololu
SKU PL-1631

Note: This product has been replaced by the Weather Shield for Arduino.


SparkFun’s USB weather board is powered by USB or a separate 4-12 V supply with an on/off switch for easy power control. The output is sent over USB via an A to mini-B cable (not included), and as a TTL signal on the TX pin. The board can be configured over USB or the RX pin can be used to communicate with the board by moving the switch from USB to RF. Once the board is connected via USB, data can be acquired using any terminal program (e.g. HyperTerminal). Terminal configuration should be 9600bps 8-N-1. For more information about this board, please see the usb weather board datasheet (113k pdf). The board’s pins have a 0.1" pitch and work with 0.1" male headers and 0.1" female headers.

  • Powered over USB or externally
  • Measurement rate of 1Hz
  • Sensors are isolated from potential heat sources
  • Ambient light level as an analog reading
  • Battery level as an analog reading

The on-board SHT15 humidity sensor, and SCP1000 pressure sensor have the following specifications:

  • Absolute barometric pressure accurate within ±150 Pascal
  • Temperature accurate within ±0.3°C
  • Relative humidity accurate within ±2%
Output format

Serial output from the board is an ASCII string at 9600 bp, 8N1. For more information about the output format, please see the datasheet.