Universal Voltage Switch

via Jaycar
Ref: High Performance Electronic Projects for Cars - Silicon Chip Publications.
This is a universal module, which can be adapted to suit a range of different applications. It will trip a relay when a preset voltage is reached. It can be configured to trip with a rising or falling voltage, so it is suitable for a wide variety of voltage outputting devices e.g., throttle position sensor, air flow sensor, EGO sensor. It also features adjustable hysteresis (the difference between trigger on/off voltage), making it extremely versatile. You could use it to trigger an extra fuel pump under high boost, anti-lag wastegate shutoff, and much more. Kit supplied with PCB, and all electronic components.

Assembly required
Kit Form Short Form (circuit only)
Kit Group General Projects
Difficulty Detailed
Application Field Automotive: Voltage Switch
PCB Width 60mm
PCB Length 105mm
Device Voltage Switch
Estimated Construction Time 60min
Tools required Soldering Iron,Flat Head Screwdriver
Warranty: 3 Months