Universal Power Supply Regulator

via Jaycar

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Ref: Silicon Chip March, 2011.

This is an upgraded version of the original universal power supply kit published in August 1988. One small board and a handful of parts will allow you to create either a regulated ±15V rail or +15VDC single voltage from a single winding or centre tap transformer (not included). Substitute different regulators to those supplied and you can alter the output voltage to your requirements. Upgrades in this design include improved parts layout and terminal blocks for inputs and outputs. Kit includes PCB and all components for 15 volt versions, transformer sold separately.

Power Supply Options:
* ±15V rails from 15V AC plug pack (MP-3059) or transformer (MM-2002)
* ±15V rails from 30V AC centre tapped transformer (MM-2007)
* +15VDC from a single or centre tap transformer.
* Different voltages using 78xx and 79xx series regulators (not included)

Assembly required
Kit Form Short Form (circuit only)
Kit Group General Projects
Difficulty Simple
Application Field Power Supply Regulator
Estimated Construction Time 30min
Tools required Soldering Iron
Length 72mm
Width 30mm
Warranty: 3 Months