Twisted Servo Y Splitter Cable 12" Female - 2x Male

via Pololu
SKU PL-2163

This 12" (300 mm) Y-cable is typically used to connect two servos to a single servo port on an RC receiver or servo controller. It has a single female JR connector connected to two male Futaba J connectors, all of which have gold-flashed contacts on a 0.1" spacing. Since a female JR connector can be plugged into a male Futaba J connector, each end of the cable is compatible with both Futaba and JR-style connections, which means this cable will work in either system or as an adapter between systems, and it is compatible with almost all of the RC servos we sell (you can assume our servos have female JR connectors unless the servo’s product page specifically says otherwise). Each 22-AWG wire is comprised of 60 strands, making this cable more flexible than standard servo cables.

The split occurs close to the single (input) end of the cable, allowing the two male output ends to achieve a maximum separation of approximately 18" (450 mm).

Servo Y splitter cable female – 2x male, fully extended.

Twisted servo Y splitter cable 12" female – 2x male, fully extended.

Note: The cable’s female connector is the same as what is found on most generic servos and fits nicely with 0.1" male headers, but is often referred to as “male” in the RC hobby industry. Likewise, the cable’s male connectors are often referred to as “female” in the hobby industry because of the outer shroud, even though it internally consists of three male pins. The pictures below show the cable connectors labeled with our gender convention.

Female “JR”-style connector commonly found on servo cables (often referred to as “male” in the RC hobby industry).

Male Futaba J connector (often referred to as “female” in the RC hobby industry).

These female-to-2x-male cables are available in two styles: flat, with wires stuck together side by side, and twisted, with wires twisted around each other to decrease electromagnetic interference (EMI). The twisted versions are especially soft and flexible.

Servo Y splitter cable female – 2x male.

Twisted servo Y splitter cable 12" female – 2x male.

We also sell flat and twisted female-to-2x-female servo splitter cables.

Servo cable color convention

  • brown or black = ground (GND, battery negative terminal)
  • red = servo power (Vservo, battery positive terminal)
  • orange, yellow, white, or blue = servo control signal line