Thread Drive Pack V2.0-Blue

via Makeblock
SKU MB-95022

Makeblock Socket Cap Screw will be replaced by  Button Head Socket Cap Screw gradually, and the tool HEX Screwdriver 3mm will be replaced by HEX Screwdriver 2.5mm.

Button Head Socket Cap Screw is a new kind of Socket Cap Screw, it has smaller head that can solve most problem of interfere with other components.



Thread Drive Pack V2.0 is the improvement version of Thread Drive Pack V1.0. It can be used to build thread drive system.

In this version, all parts in the demo below are included.

Part List:

1 x DC Motor-25 9V/185RPM

1 x DC Motor-25 Bracket-Blue

1 x Universal Joint 4x4mm

1 x Beam0808-080

2 x Beam0824-080

2 x Beam0808-184

4 x Headless Set Screw M3x5

4 x Countersunk Screw M3 x 8

10 x Socket Cap Screw M4*14

2 x Linear Motion Shaft 4x288mm

1 x Fully Threaded Rod M4x192mm

1 x Fully Threaded Rod M4x280mm