Theremin Synthesiser Kit MkII

via Jaycar
Ref: Silicon Chip Magazine March 2009
The ever-popular Theremin is better than ever. It's easier to set up with extra test points for volume adjustment and power supply measurement and it now runs on AC to avoid the interference switchmode plugpacks can cause. It's also easier to build with PCB-mounted switches and pots to reduce wiring to just the hand plate, speaker and antenna and has the addition of a skew control to vary the audio tone from distorted to clean. Complete kit contains PCB with overlay, pre-machined case and all specified components.

Assembly required
Kit Form Full Form (circuit and enclosure)
Difficulty Complex
Application Field Theremin Synthesiser MKII
PCB Width 85mm
PCB Length 145mm
Estimated Construction Time 4hr
Tools required Soldering Iron,Long Nose Pliers
Warranty: 3 Months