The Champion Audio Amplifier Kit with Pre-Amplifier

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The Champion Audio Amplifier Kit with Pre-Amplifier
Refer: Silicon Chip Magazine January 2013
An amplifier and pre-amplifier combination for all those general-purpose audio projects. It uses the AN7511 audio IC to deliver 2W music power into 8 ohms from a 9 to 12V supply. Features low distortion, two inputs (mixed 1:1), over-temperature protection (auto-limiting), Mute and standby control. Pre-amplifier is also suitable for microphones and electric guitars, and can be separated from the amplifier for individual use. Kit supplied with silk-screened PCB, heatsink and PCB mount components.

* Operating voltage range: 4 - 13.5VDC
* Music power: 3W @ 9 - 12V
* Frequency Response: -2.5dB @ 20Hz, -0.2dB @ 20kHz
* Gain: 34dB for Amplifier, up to 58dB with pre-amplifier
* Input Sensitivity for Amplifier only: 52mV RMS @ 5V, 125mV RMS @ 9 - 12V
* Input Sensitivity for Amplifier & Pre-amplifier: 2mV RMS @ 5V, 5mV RMS @ 9 - 12V
* Quiescent current: 2mA (Pre-amplifier) + 30-60mA (Amplifier)
* Standby current: 2mA (Pre-amplifier) + 1-10uA (Amplifier)

Note: Optional 10kohm potentiometer for external volume control use RP-7610

Assembly required
Kit Form Short Form (circuit only)
Difficulty Simple
Application Field Audio Amplifier with Pre-Amplifier
PCB Width 41mm
PCB Length 101mm
Estimated Construction Time 60min
Tools required Soldering Iron
Additional optional items 10kohm potentiometer
Audio Device Amplifier
Signal Input Level 52mV
Output power 3W
Audio frequency range 20Hz-20kHz
Audio distortion 0.25%
Signal to noise ratio 65dB
Audio power supply 3W
Audio gain 34dB