The Champ 0.5 Watt Audio Amplifier Kit

via Jaycar

We can get 889 units in Australia from Jaycar. If you order today, we can dispatch this stock between Oct 30, 2020 - Nov 04, 2020.

Refer: Silicon Chip February1994 This tiny module uses the LM386 audio IC, and will deliver 0.5W into 8 ohms from a 9 volt supply making it ideal for all those basic audio projects. It features variable gain, will happily run from 4-12VDC and is smaller than a 9 volt battery, allowing it to fit into the tightest of spaces. PCB and all electronic components included.

Assembly required
Difficulty Simple
Application Field Amplifier
PCB Width 26mm
PCB Length 46mm
Estimated Construction Time 15min
Tools required Soldering Iron
Audio Device Amplifier
Output power 0.5W
Output impedence range 8Ω
Audio power supply 9V
Warranty: 3 Months