Tamiya 70142 Ladder-Chain & Sprocket Set

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SKU PL-107

Instructions for Tamiya 70142 Ladder-Chain & Sprocket Set page 2.

The Tamiya 70142 Ladder-Chain & Sprocket Set comes with an assortment of sprockets and 96 cm of chain for use with other Tamiya products. Along with the chain and four sprockets the set also includes two sprocket mounts and two crank arms to attach to the sprockets. A stand is included for mounting a gearbox high enough off of its mounting plate to make room for ladder-chain movement. Also included is a screw and nut set for mounting purposes.

Included Parts

  • Four sprockets of varying sizes and types
  • 96 cm of chain
  • Two crank arms
  • Two sprocket mounts
  • One stand
  • One hubcap
  • Two 3 x 50 mm hex shafts
  • Six 3 x 20 mm screws
  • Six 3 x 10 mm screws
  • Two 3 x 21 mm tapping screws
  • Four 3 x 12 mm tapping screws
  • Four 3 x 8 mm tapping screws
  • Ten 3 mm nuts