Sunfounder Raspberry Pi 3,2 Module B and 1 Module B+ GPIO Expansion Extension Board Plus Shield with DS1307 and PCF8591 chip



Plus Shield leads out 40 pins of Raspberry Pi 2 Module B and Raspberry Pi 1 Module B+ with pin printing. It integrates the AD-DA chip and RTC chip. The I2C communication protocol is used. No pins are occupied. The AD - DA chip is PCF8591 with 8-bit 4-channel analog output, and 1-channel 8-bit analog input. The RTC chip is DS1307, which uses 56 - byte, battery-backed, nonvolatile (NV) RAM for data storage. For more information, you can visit


Extended 40 pins of the Raspberry Pi


1* Plus Shield Module

6 *  M2.5*11 single-head copper standoff

6 x M2.5 nuts

6 x M2.5*6 screw