SunFounder MultiWii SE Flight Controller V1.0 ATMega328P - Black Gold

SKU SU-MWCFlightController-BL

Technical Details 
The SunFounder MWC Flight Control adopts ATMega328P as the processor and applies the open-source Arduino Pro or Pro Mini Bootloader with open-source MWC for the code. After our redesign and changed code settings, the board supports ready-to-fly. So after assembling the control to your craft, you can fly it by just turning on the self-stabilization mode. 

Dimension: 40 x 40 mm 
The distance between two adjacent location holes: 35mm 
Location hole diameter: 3mm 
Weight: 9.6g 
Supply voltage: 5V 
Maximum current: 500mA 

Supported peripheral devices: 
Bluetooth module. Remotely adjust the parameters via Bluetooth 
OLED screen module 
I2C-GPS module 
I2C landing light module 
I2C sonar module 
Stabilized pan/tilt module