SunFounder APM Voltage Current Sensor Power Module


This device is a DC-DC power supply module designed for the APM 2.0/2.5/2.5.2/2.6/2.8 and Pixhawk. It supports both voltage and current sensing and connects to the PM connector of APM or Pixhawk via a 6-pin cable, which is easy to use and provides stable and reliable supply. At most it supports an input of 28V and output of 5.3V, and a maximum 3A current. With stability and reliability, this module is the best choice for your flight control! 
Note: The power module supplies only for devices including the flight control, receiver, GPS, data transmitter, OSD, air speedometer, etc. DO NOT supply servos by the module; otherwise the flight control or other devices may not work normally due to the large current consumed by some servos. Therefore, if the aircraft needs to carry servos, please supply them separately by BEC or built-in BEC of ESC. 
For more details, refer to our WIKI.

Input Voltage: Max 28V (2-6S Lithium battery)
Output Voltage: 5.3V
Max Output Current: 3A
Max Output Current: 90A
Voltage and current match with 5V ADC

Package included
1 x APM Voltage/Current Module
1 x 6-Pin Cable