SparkFun Starter Kit for Arduino-Compatible RedBoard

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Discontinuation notice: This product has been discontinued. As an alternative, please consider the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for Arduino Uno – V3.2, which includes an Arduino Uno R3 along with an assortment of components (e.g. breadboard, sensors, jumper wires, and LEDs) that make it possible to create a number of fun introductory projects.


The SparkFun Starter Kit for RedBoard is a great way for beginners to learn the basics of electronic circuits and build familiarity with Arduino. Along with a SparkFun RedBoard, this kit includes various electronic components, premium jumper wires, a USB cable, and a prototyping breadboard. The various sensors and indicators can interface with the RedBoard individually, or they can be used together to create more complex systems. This starter kit has everything you need to start learning and building entertaining circuits with an Arduino-compatible board without needing to solder anything.

The RedBoard functions similarly to the Arduino Uno and Duemilanove, combining the simplicity of the Uno’s Optiboot bootloader, the stability of the FTDI serial adapter IC, and the R3 shield compatibility of the latest Arduino Uno R3. The RedBoard uses the standard Arduino IDE and can be programmed over the USB A to mini-B cable included in this kit.

SparkFun RedBoard (an Arduino Uno R3 clone), top view.

Included Components
  • SparkFun RedBoard (an Arduino Uno R3 clone)
  • 6′ USB A to mini-B cable
  • 170-point breadboard – Excellent for making circuits and connections off the RedBoard. Breadboard may come in various colors.
  • Male to Male jumper wires – These are high quality wires that allow you to connect the female headers on the RedBoard to the components and breadboard.
  • Flex Sensor – Originally designed for the Nintendo Power Glove, now you too can measure flex!
  • SoftPot – Measure position along the softpot by looking at the change in resistance. It’s like a touch sensitive volume slider.
  • Photocell – A sensor to detect ambient light. Perfect for detecting when a drawer is opened or when night-time approaches.
  • Thermistor – A sensor for detecting ambient temperature and temperature changes.
  • Tri-Color LED – Everyone loves a blinking light. Use this LED to PWM mix any color you need.
  • Basic LEDs – Light emitting diodes make great general indicators.
  • Linear trim pot – Also known as a variable resistor, this is a device commonly used to control volume, contrast, and makes a great general user control input.
  • Buzzer – Make wonderful, brain splitting noises, alarms, and even music!
  • 12mm button – Because big buttons are easier to hit.
  • 330 Ohm Resistors – 5 current-limiting resistors for LEDs, and strong pull-up resistors.
  • 10k Ohm Resistors – These make excellent pull-ups, pull-downs, and current limiters.

Note: If you want to make your Arduino or RedBoard project wireless, please consider adding in our Wixel shield for Arduino.

Note: SparkFun calls this product the “Starter Kit for RedBoard – Programmed with Arduino” SKU: DEV-11930. It replaces the Arduino Uno Starter Kit.