Smart Car Chassis 4WD V4 Double

SKU EF-EF09001

Smart Car Chassis  4WD V4 Double

Installation Guide please read :


Wheels: Φ 6cm

Bottom: thickness of about 3 mm

Length: about 25.3cm

Width: about 14.8cm

Shipping List:

Part Name  (Quantity)

4WD V1 smart car floor (2)

M3-30 flat head hex studs TZ M3-30 (4)

Geared Motor 1:48 JSDJ 1 (4)

Battery box DCH 1 (1)

Encoder Disk MBP 1 (4)

M3*28 Screw LS 2 (8)

Smart Car Wheels CLV 1 (4)

M3*7.5 Cap Screw LS 1 (10)

M3 Screw Nut LM 1 (15)

Acrylic Fasteners JGJ V1 (4)


Materials imported acrylic, high-precision laser cutting.

With double rotary encoder disk, can be used to speed.

Can be multi-layered with.

Compact car, floor-sided film, scratch protection.

Customers who buy the car in the shop we will give a battery box!


An Installation Guide for cars