Small Size and High Torque Stepper Motor - 35BYJ412

SKU SS-108990004
Small size and high torque, Mainly used in air conditioner louver, small cooling heating fan and Automatic curtains etc.
•Phase: 4
•Step Angle: 3.75°/42.5
•Ratio: 1/42.5
•Voltage: 12V DC
•Resistance: 100ohm
•Idle In-traction Frequency: ≥300Hz
•Idle Out-traction Frequency: ≥550Hz
•In-traction Torque: ≥
•Detent Torque: ≥
•insulating Dielectric strength: AC600v 1min
•Noise: <40dB
•Steering: CCW
•Weight: 80.5g
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