Sidekick Basic Kit for LinkIt ONE

SKU SS-110060038
Sidekick Basic kit for LinkIt ONE     
The Sidekick Basic Kit for LinkIt ONE is designed to be used with your LinkIt ONE board. This kit will help you quickly get alone well with the platform of LinkIt. It includes many of the most popular accessories for DIY projects : like Breadboard, Jumper wires, Color LEDs, Resistors, Buzzer, etc. All of these coming with its own handy box are easy transport and minimal clutter. It includes a fully guide that will familiarize you with a wide range of electronic components while you create small, simple, and easy-to-assemble circuits. There are 10 different courses outlined that will offer a best way for beginner to be familiar with LinkIt ONE.
Parts List:
Green LED 
Red LED 
RGB Common Anode LED 
Ceramic Capacitor 
Aluminum Capacitor 
Tilt switch 
Photo resistor 
Mini Servo 
Potentiometer with knob 
Breadboard jumper wire 
NPN Transistors(2N3904)
Sidekick Guide 
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