Short Circuits Three Project - Two Lamp Flasher

via Jaycar

We can get 370 units in Australia from Jaycar. If you order today, we can dispatch this stock between Nov 30, 2020 - Dec 05, 2020.

Instructions sold separately in the Short Circuits book range, which is available via free download online.

Alternate flashing halogen lamps with an adjustable flash rate between 1 to 4 seconds.
Kit includes PCB, two halogen lamps with bases and all electronic components.

Note: Do Not Use An Electronic Transformer. This circuit can be powered from either a 12V car battery or from a conventional 12VAC halogen lamp transformer (eg, Jaycar MP-3044). Electronic (ie, switchmode) transformers are NOT suitable for use with this project, as their high switching frequency will cause the bridge rectifier and electrolytic capacitors to overheat.

Assembly required
Kit Form Short Form (circuit only)
Kit Group Short Circuit Series
Difficulty Simple
Contains High Voltage Components
Instructions Included
PCB Width 60mm
PCB Length 105mm
Additional required items 12VAC required
Volume Number Volume 3
Project Number(s) 10B
Warranty: 3 Months