Seeeduino Catalyst Pack trimmed version


This product is no longer for sale, it has been replaced with Arduino Sidekick - Basic kit

This is a deluxe pack for Arduino users; it includes  basic components and prototyping platform, various Input and sensors, visual and audible output, flexible structure enhancement and extensive power options. It covers from starting up tutor to advanced experiments; with specially manufactured components and structures from this pack, you may even build customized shield NOW!


Pack included:

  • 330 resistors    X10  
  • 10K resistors    X10 
  • 1K resistors      X10 
  • 10nF ceramic capacitor  X10 
  • 100nF ceramic capacitor X10 
  • 100uF electrolytic capacitor  X5 
  • 40pin male breakaway headers  X1 
  • Half size basic breadboard   X1 
  • Breadborad jumper wire 70pcs pack X1 
  • Mini Push Button for breadboard  X5 
  • DPDT switch for breadboard  X3 
  • Thermister  X2 
  • Basic Green LED    X5 
  • Basic Red LED      X5 
  • Piezo Buzzer X1 
  • 6 pin stackable female header X1 
  • 8 pin stackable female header X3 
  • 8 pin female header X5 
  • 40pin male breakaway dual-headers X1  
  • Proto board 7*9   X2 
  • Heat shrink tubing    X1
  • Tilt Sensor    X2 
  • Rotary Potentiometer  X1 
  • 5mm RGB LED  X3 
  • Mini DC motor  X1 
  • Vibration Motor  X1 
  • Transistor NPN  X1 
  • Diode 1X 
  • Photoresistor X2 
  • Component box X1 
Seeeduino is not included by default, you could purchase separately per your need.