RTC Module - Super Capacitor

SKU SS-114990108

This is a Super Capacitor Real-Time Clock module, it design for Raspberry Pi, but it also can be used to Arduino.


Pluging it into Raspberry Pi GPIO interface, and all is ok. This is the easiest way to keep it in time.


Compared with the Mini RTC Module,it not include battery. Because it has super capacitor.


Super capacitor

• Smaller

• Work in 3.3V and 5V

• Supported Raspberry Pi and Arduino



• Self-adjust 3.3V and 5V

• Size: 14x16x12 mm


Arduino Connection:
(Using square pad as Pin 1)
Pin 1 = Vcc
Pin 2 = SDA
Pin 3 = SCL
Pin 4 = N/C
Pin 5 = GND