Rollman STEM Learning Educational DIY Robot Kit

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Technical Details


Rollman is a STEM Learning Educational DIY Robot Kit for Arduino. With various sensor modules, it follows lines, avoids obstacles, and seeks light. The Rollman also integrates a Bluetooth module, so via the Android APP 
named Rollman, you can control the robot remotely. 
Provided Arduino code and visual programming language, you can learn how to code faster and more easily than ever with visual programming language software - Mixly.
This smart car robot will take you to a wonderful magic world and bring you great fun.
Download the documentation and code at: 
Package Included
1 x User Manual
1 Set x Screws
Several Structural Components
2 x Motor 
1 x Photosensitive Sensor
1 x Bluetooth Module
7 x Light Pipe
3 x RJ11 Cable 
1 x Ultrasonic Sensor
1 x Infrared Sensor 
1 x Mainboard
1 x Battery Holder 
2 x Motor Cable
1 x Track Map 
2 x Map DIY Guide Card 
1 x Philp Screw Driver 
1 x Black Tape 
1 x Rotating Screw Driver 
1 x Marker Pen