RGB OLED Breakout - 0.6"

via SparkFun
SKU SF-SPX-14860

We may have spoken too soon when we named the Micro OLED Breakout… This new display from WiseChip packs in more pixels (64 x 64), two more color channels and additional display RAM into an even smaller 0.6" screen. For all these features packed into such a small space it’s practically a ‘nano’ display! The breakout PCB adds a 3.3V regulator for logic, a 12V boost converter to power the display, and level shifting circuits to allow direct connection to both 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers.

The 64x64 screen has a surprising amount of room for graphics, images, and anything else you could think to display. An Arduino Uno can refresh this display at up to 50 Hz. This means that whether you’re displaying album art on a home-made MP3 player or making a pocket-sized game this display will be up to the task!

Complementing this amazing display is a flexible Arduino library that allows you to draw on the display, show photo-realistic images, and devise completely custom fonts - all in every color of the rainbow! Getting started is as easy as loading one of the example sketches on your microcontroller of choice and making the appropriate electrical connections.