RGB LED Satellite Module 003 (Bar)

via Pololu
SKU PL-1235

Using an OctoBrite to control the color and brightness of multiple satellite modules.

The 003 and 004 satellite modules from Macetech have three bright surface-mount RGB LEDs. You can use a string of satellite modules to create custom lighting projects, such as for holiday decorations or art displays.

These satellite modules are designed for use with the OctoBrite DEFILIPPI and a 12 V power supply. An OctoBrite can control the individual color and brightness of up to 8 satellites in response to commands from a controller such as an Arduino or Maestro. Satellite modules can be easily connected to the OctoBrite using a 6-conductor ribbon cable with 2×3 IDC connectors.

Note that though the satellite modules are designed for use with the OctoBrite, you can also use them with ShiftBars (one module per ShiftBar), or you can power the red, green, and blue LEDs directly using a 9 – 11 V supply. The three RGB LEDs are connected in series (so all three LEDs will always have the same color), and a resistor on each channel limits its current to about 20 mA at 11 V. The LED channels have a common anode, which is connected to the unlabeled satellite module pins.

The rectangular 003 satellite module is 2.8" × 0.34" and has 0.125" mounting holes spaced 1" apart. The round 004 satellite module is 1.45" in diameter and has 0.125" mounting holes on 0.85" triangular spacing.

IDC connection to RGB LED satellite module 003

IDC connection to RGB LED satellite module 004.

For a brighter RGB LED module in a similarly small package, consider the Satellite Module 001. For an RGB LED with a built-in driver, consider the ShiftBrite.