RGB LED Satellite Module 001

via Pololu
SKU PL-1243

Satellite Module 001 bottom view.

This satellite module is a balanced array of 4 red, 3 blue, and 3 green LEDs, each of which supplies ~35,000 mcd over a 140 degree viewing angle. Combine with the ShiftBar current-control module to create a string of super-bright clusters (about as bright as 15 ShiftBrites.) Each channel of the Satellite Module requires 9 to 10 VDC at 100mA. There are no current control resistors; you can add your own or use this with a ShiftBar, which has current control. When using a ShiftBar, the potentiometer should be set around 75%. More information can be found on the macetech documentation page.

Eight Satellite Modules can also be independently controlled by a single OctoBrite DEFILIPPI, though they will not be at their maximum possible brightness because of the lower current limit of the OctoBrite. For RGB LED modules designed specifically for the OctoBrite, consider the 003 and 004 Satellite Modules.

An example setup using a Micro Maestro to control a ShiftBar and Satellite Module is shown below. Digital outputs 0, 1 and 2 are used to send the control signals to the clock, latch, and data lines of the ShiftBar, the enable line is connected directly to GND, and 12V power to the Maestro is delivered from the ShiftBar chain. Maestro source code to control a ShiftBar is available in the Example scripts section of the Maestro User’s guide.

Connecting the Micro Maestro to a chain of ShiftBars. A single 12V supply powers all of the devices.

A similar setup can be used to connect the ShiftBar to other controllers, such as the Baby Orangutan, Arduino, or BASIC Stamp.

In the Halloween display below, each pumpkin contains a Satellite Module, and the entire display is driven by a single ShiftBar chain, controlled by a microcontroller. Details of the project are available here.