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The H8/3048 Series is a series of microcontrollers (MCUs) that integrate system supporting functions together with an H8/300H CPU core having an original Hitachi architecture.

The H8/300H CPU has a 32-bit internal architecture with sixteen 16-bit general registers, and a concise, optimized instruction set designed for speed. It can address a 16-Mbyte linear address space. Its instruction set is upward-compatible at the object-code level with the H8/300 CPU, enabling easy porting of software from the H8/300 Series.

The on-chip system supporting functions include ROM, RAM, a 16-bit integrated timer unit (ITU), a programmable timing pattern controller (TPC), a watchdog timer (WDT), a serial communication interface (SCI), an A/D converter, a D/A converter, I/O ports, a direct memory access controller (DMAC), a refresh controller, and other facilities.

The four members of the H8/3048 Series are the H8/3048, the H8/3047, H8/3045, and the H8/3044. The H8/3048 has 128 kbytes of ROM and 4 kbytes of RAM. The H8/3047 has 96 kbytes of ROM and 4 kbytes of RAM. The H8/3045 has 64 kbytes of ROM and 2 kbytes of RAM. The H8/3044 has 32 kbytes of ROM and 2 kbytes of RAM.

Seven MCU operating modes offer a choice of data bus width and address space size. The modes (modes 1 to 7) include one single-chip mode and six expanded modes.

In addition to the masked-ROM versions of the H8/3048 Series, the H8/3048 has a ZTAT™* 1 version with user-programmable on-chip PROM and an F-ZTAT™* 2 version with on-chip flash memory that can be programmed on-board. These versions enable users to respond quickly and flexibly to changing application specifications, growing production volumes, and other conditions.