RCA NTSC or PAL or S-Video Input to USB 2.0 Capture Adapter

via Adafruit
SKU AF-4715

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Here's one of the easiest capture solutions for bringing old school audio and video into your computer or Raspberry Pi, really any system with a USB port...

Use this capture device to convert an analog NTSC or PAL video signal from an older device into a digital format your computer can recognize.  It's trivially easy to use: connect and match up the audio and either the S-Video or RCA A/V cables on the older device. Connect the other end to a main board USB port.

This dongle doesn't have the quality of $100 or $1000 converters, but for every day video capture it works very well for the price! No drivers or sound cards to install. Plug and play with Windows, Mac, Linux - shows up like a video source and a great option for streaming from game consoles especially older ones like this chonky XBOX. Note that analog video quality isn't going to compare to HDMI or digital, and this converter can't improve the quality. You'll be converting the video to digital but it will still be fuzzy!