Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless

Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless Australia
Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless Australia
Product ID: LB-00152


We have 57 units of the Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless in stock at our Sydney warehouse.

If ordered before 2pm, this part would be delivered on or before Wednesday, Apr 24 to most parts of Australia.

We can get a further 1000 units.
If you order today we can dispatch this stock between Thursday, Apr 25 and Tuesday, Apr 30 2019.

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Little Bird's Description of the Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless


The Raspberry Pi foundation has imposed a limit of one Raspberry Pi Zero per customer.

The Raspberry Pi Zero W (W for wireless) is a new variant of the Raspberry Pi Zero with wireless LAN and Bluetooth.

The specs for the Raspberry Pi Zero W are as follows

  • 1GHz, single-core CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • Mini-HDMI port
  • Micro-USB On-The-Go port
  • Micro-USB power
  • HAT-compatible 40-pin header
  • Composite video and reset headers
  • CSI camera connector
  • 802.11n wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth 4.0

Raspberry Pi Zero W Australia

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Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless Guides
Make a Smart Aquarium

Sensors can be found just about everywhere, in your household security alarms, smoke alarms, and in many more devices.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use a waterproof temperature sensor, the ds18b20 with the Raspberry Pi  Zero W to turn your regular fish tank into a smart aquarium. We will use the 1-Wire data protocol to take temperature readings and send an alert via SMS. This will keep your fish friends safe from harm.

Build a Raspberry Pi Security Camera

Ever wanted to make your own custom yet cost-effective security camera system? 

In this guide, we will go through the steps required for you to get started with motionEyeOS and create your own security camera using the Raspberry Pi Zero W and a Raspberry Pi V2 Camera Board

After completing this guide, you could go on to further customise it: Add a power button or on/off switch, 3d printed case, and much more for your build!