Raspberry PI GPS Add-on

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The Raspberry PI GPS add-on lets you used the NEO-6 GPS module with your Raspberry Pi.

GPS data (latitude, longitude and current time) is transmitted to your Raspberry Pi via serial.

This is compatible with the Model B+


We've made instructions on how to use the GPS module with your Raspberry Pi are available here.


PCB size 58.5mm X 54.6mm X 1.6mm
Input voltage  3.3V
Interface UART
Baud rate 38400 (default)

Electrical characteristics

Parameters  Min.  Typical Max.  Unit
Supply voltage - 3.3 3.6 VDC
Current consumption (average) - 40 - mA



Raspberry PI interfaces

Raspberry PI Pin N.O.  Pin name   Pin of GPS Module Description
11 GPIO0 - Used for Electronic Brick interface
12 GPIO1 -
13 GPIO2 -
15 GPIO3 -
16 GPIO4 -
18 GPIO5 -
22 GPIO6 1PPS Pulse per second / Electronic brick interface
7 GPIO7 EXINT External interruption pin / Electronic brick interface
3 SDA0 - Electronic brick interface
5 SCL0 -
24 CE0 CS Chip selection for Micro SD card
26 CE1 - Electronic brick interface
19 MOSI MOSI Data input for Micro SD card
21 MISO MISO Data output for Micro SD card
23 SCLK SCLK Clock for Micro SD card
8 TXD GPS_RX Receiving end for SIM900 serial port
10 RXD GPS_TX Sending end for SIM900 serial port
2 +5V -  
1 +3.3V -  
6 ND -  


  • PWR

Power: When there is normal power supply to the board, the power indicator stays on.

Packing List

  • Raspberry Pi GPS Add-on x 1
  • Antenna x 1