Raspberry Pi 2.8 TFT LCD Touch Display Screen Add On V2.0 Module

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Raspberry PI 2.8 TFT Add-on V2.0 is customized for Raspberry Pi based on 2.8 TFT LCD display module. The screen is driven based on an 8-bit data bus and a 4-bit ILI9323DS to control bus interface, which can display 263K colors. Module controls contents to be displayed via GPIO on Raspberry Pi. With touch function, it can be used to display the desktop of Raspberry Pi and realize clicking, touch and feedback.

It breakout with all Raspberry Pi B+ pins and leads serial interface IIC port.

Note: V1.0 is customized for Raspberry Pi


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Link Wiki No
Version 2.0
Compatible Mainboard N/A
Board Size 78.5mm X 64.5mm X 1.6mm
Operation Level Digital 3.3V
Stackable No
Weight 71g