RAM - IC61LV6416-12T

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The ICSI IC61LV6416 is a high-speed, 1,048,576-bit static RAM organized as 65,536 words by 16 bits. It is fabricated using ICSI 's high-performance CMOS technology. This highly reliable process coupled with innovative circuit design techniques, yields access times as fast as 8 ns with low power consumption.

When CE is HIGH (deselected), the device assumes a standby mode at which the power dissipation can be reduced down with CMOS input levels.

Easy memory expansion is provided by using Chip Enable and Output Enable inputs, CE and OE. The active LOW Write Enable (WE) controls both writing and reading of the memory. A data byte allows Upper Byte ( UB) and Lower Byte ( LB) access.

The IC61LV6416 is packaged in the JEDEC standard 44-pin 400mil SOJ, 44-pin 400mil TSOP-2, and 48-pin 6*8mm TF-BGA.