Quickbrake Brake Light Warning Kit

via Jaycar

Refer Silicon Chip Magazine January 2016

Over one quarter of vehicle accidents in the Sydney area are of the rear-end variety. The Quickbrake reduces this risk by detecting when your foot quickly lifts off the accelerator pedal and activating your brake lights before your foot has even touched the brake pedal. This can increase apparent reaction time by up to 1 second, and at 100kph this equates to about 27 metres between you and the other car!


  •  Suitable for 12V vehicle systems
  •  Short form kit includes PCB and components only
  •  Requires wiring and UB3 enclosure

Assembly required
Length 106.5mm
Width 60mm
Kit Form Quick Kit (circuit module only)
Kit Group General Projects
Tools required Soldering Iron
Special Skills Required SMD Soldering