Qi Wireless Charging Pad

via Jaycar

A sleek Qi charging pad for wirelessly recharging devices that support this exciting new standard. Qi charging allows electrical transfer over distances up to 4mm so all you need to do is sit your phone or Qi compatible device on top and it will start charging. A convenient and intuitive method for keeping devices charged without needing to keep track of a multitude of speciality charging packs used for Smartphones, Tablets etc.

We have suitable Qi charging accessories for the iPhone 5®, Samsung Galaxy® S3 and S4 which will allow wireless charging on this pad.

• Input voltage: 5VDC 2A
• Output voltage: 5VDC 1A
* Charging rate: 100-200kHz
• Wireless range: 4mm
• Charging voltage: 5VDC
• Charging current: 500mA- 700mAh
• Charging voltage: 5VDC
• Charging current: 500mA- 1000mAh
• Energy efficiency: Greater than 72%
• Dimensions: 153(L) x 83(W) x 10(H)mm

Note: Smartphone not included.

Warranty: 3 Months