Project Skeleton - TFT Wood

SKU SS-110070001
Skeleton is designed to meet your need for enclosures of different sizes and dimensions. It consists of durable Aluminium bars and Acrylic boards.One Skeleton is a unit that fits Arduino uno/mega, Seeeduino series and 2.8' TFT touch screen. Need a bigger one? Feel free to stack them up vertically or horizontally with rivets.
  • Arduino Uno/Mega and Seeeduino/Mega/ADK compatible.
  • Stackable, Durable and well processed.
  • Additional room for a shield added on.
  • Adequate holes preset for possible usages.
Application Ideas
  • Arduino Mega + Grove Mega + Various Grove
  • Arduino Mega + Touch
  • Seeeduino + Bluetooth Shield + Grove Buzzer + Grove PIR + Lipo Rider+ Battery
  • Arduino + TFT + Battery + LiPo Rider
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