Pro High Temperature Non-Contact Thermometer

via Jaycar

This professional infrared thermometer allows you to measure high temperatures with safety. With a range of -50 to 1000° Celsius, it's suitable for lab, furnace, forge and small-scale foundry work. The laser pointer allows for accurate placement of the measurement point and the 30:1 distance-to-target ration allows for accurate measurement from greater distances. The unit can be mounted on a tripod with trigger lock for unattended min/max logging.
Supplied in a robust blow-moulded case.


* Adjustable emissivity
* Min/Max/Avg/Difference logging
* Backlit LCD
* Tripod mount

Measures in Celcius
Outdoor / Exterior Scale -58°F-1832°F
Measures in Fahrenheit
Outdoor / Exterior Scale -50°C-1000°C
Emissivity 0.1 
Optical Resolution 30:1
Battery type 9V
Battery Quantity 1pc
Sample Rate 1Hz
Special Features Laser Targeting,Trigger Lock,Dual Display,Low Alarm
Data Hold
Relative Measure
Records Minimum
Records Maximum
Length 230mm
Width 56mm
Height 100mm
Warranty: 12 Months