Pre-Champ Versatile Preamplifier Kit

via Jaycar

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Refer Silicon Chip July 1994 This tiny preamp was specifically designed to be used with the ³Champ² amplifier KC-5152. Unless you have a signal of sufficient amplitude the ³Champ² will not produce its maximum power output. The ³Pre-Champ² is the answer with a gain in excess of 40dB, which is more than enough for most applications. You can vary the gain by changing a resistor and theres even provision on the PCB for an electret microphone. Power requirement 6-12VDC. Kit includes PCB and electronic components.

Assembly required
Difficulty Simple
Contains High Voltage Components
Application Field "Pre-Champ" Versatile Preamplifier
PCB Width 36mm
PCB Length 46mm
Tools required Soldering Iron
Audio Device Pre-amplifier
Audio power supply 6-12vDC
Audio gain 40dB
Warranty: 3 Months