Power HD Ultra-High-Torque, High-Voltage Digital Giant Servo HD-1235MG

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The HD-1235MG is a giant-scale (also called 1/4-scale or mega-scale) digital servo from Power HD that can deliver more than twice the torque of our strongest standard-size servo, offering up to 560 oz-in at 7.4V or 490 oz-in at 6 V (if you need even more torque than this, check out the much larger Torxis monster servos). The picture on the right shows how the giant-size 1235MG compares to our popular 1501MG standard-size servo.

The entire gear train is metal, and the output shaft is supported by two ball bearings for improved performance. Unlike typical hobby servos, the 1235MG has an operating voltage range of 6 V to 7.4 V. This servo works with standard RC servo pulses at frequencies up to 333 Hz. The 12″ (300 mm) lead is terminated with a standard “JR”-style connector, which is Futaba-compatible.

Note: This servo can draw a lot of current (e.g. the stall current is 9 A at 7.4 V), so please make sure you use an appropriate power supply. For comparison, a typical standard-size servo might draw around an amp when straining.

The picture below shows an example of the hardware that might be included with this servo (hardware might vary):

The included servo horns are plastic, but we also carry a compatible metal horn (sold separately) that can be used as a more robust lever arm in ultra-high-torque applications:

Metal servo horn for the Power HD giant servo HD-1235MG.

Metal servo horn on a Power HD giant servo HD-1235MG.

The picture below shows the all-metal gear train and ball bearings that help the servo deliver such high torque:

Gears and ball bearings of the Power HD 1235MG giant servo.

You can find more information about this servo under the specifications tab and in its datasheet (382k pdf).

Note that, as with most hobby servos, stalling or back-driving this servo can damage it.

Comparison to the FEETECH FT5335M giant servo

The FT5335M giant servo from FEETECH is a very similar, lower-cost alternative to 1235MG. The two servos are approximately the same size, though the mounting hole spacing differs between the two, and they have almost identical performance specifications. The output shaft of the 1235MG is supported by two ball bearings for reduced friction while the output shaft of the FT5335M is supported by bushings. The picture below shows both the FT5335M and the 1235MG side by side:

The servo output splines have the same number of teeth, but the diameter of the one on the FT5335M is approximately 0.2 mm bigger. This means that the servo horns included with the FT5335M can be used with the 1235MG, but not the other way around.