Power HD High-Speed Digital Sub-Micro Servo DSP33

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The tiny DSP33 from Power HD is a high-speed sub-micro servo with digital control electronics for increased performance. Weighing in at under 3 g, it is one of the smallest and lightest sub-micro servos we carry, making it a great actuator for small robot mechanisms or weight-sensitive applications. This servo features a light, 3"-long cable terminated by a special ZH-style JST connector with a 1.5mm pitch. This connector is intended for very light receivers like the Spektrum AR6300 and is also sometimes referred to as a micro JST or miniJST connector.

Note: This servo’s connector will not work directly with standard 0.1" servo receptacles. Also, this type of connector has ground as the middle pin, which differs from standard servo cables. The signal pin is the gray wire.

Servo horns and associated hardware are included, though the hardware might vary from what is shown in the picture below.

Power HD high-speed digital sub-micro servo DSP33 with U.S. quarter for size reference.

Power HD high-speed digital (sub-)micro servo DSP33/DSM44 included hardware (might vary).

The servo’s gears are plastic for reduced weight. Note that, as with most hobby servos, stalling or back-driving this servo can strip its gears.