Pololu 42x19mm Idler Wheel/Sprocket Pair - Black

via Pololu
SKU PL-1412

These idlers have 3.5 mm diameter circular holes that allow them to spin freely when used with the included shoulder bolts or similar mounting hardware. The plastic hubs are the same as the idler sprockets included with the original versions of the Pololu 22T and 30T track sets, and they work with the silicone tracks included with those sets and their newer replacements. They can be used with the 30T track set as additional idler sprockets:

They can also be used with the included rubber tires as idler wheels that have the same overall dimensions as our 42×19mm wheels:

This product includes two idler sprockets/hubs, two rubber tires, and mounting hardware consisting of two shoulder bolts, two M3 nuts, and two washers. The idler sprocket/wheel can be mounted with the provided shoulder bolt as shown in the diagram below. (The red block represents a bracket or chassis that the sprocket is being mounted to, and is not a part included with this product.) Our nylon spacers can be used to offset the idlers from a flat mounting surface.

  • Hub diameter: 1.38" (35 mm)
  • Wheel diameter: approx. 1.65" (42 mm)

The diagrams below show the dimensions of the hubs and the included shoulder bolts. (Note that the hub diagram is actually the diagram of a drive sprocket; the labeled dimensions are all the same for the idler version, but the center hole is circular for the idler hubs, not D-shaped, and there is no strain-relief slit.) The threaded portion of the shoulder bolts can be cut to the desired length.