PLL FM(88~108MHz) Stereo Audio Transmitter Module

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This is a PLL FM Stereo Audio Transmitter Module that can stereo-transmit voice/music signals wirelessly to FM Radios(Radio & Receiver).
While generally used transmitters work on a single or several pre-determined frequencies, it can transmit any stereo signals of any frequency within the range of 88-108MHz.
Miniature-sized to fit into any of your products, it is especially easy to install in electronic devices of compact size.
It can serve as a miniature transmitter itself.
  • Stereo transmission of all broadcast band(88-108MHz).
  • PLL system guarantees good frequency stability.
  • Miniature-sized(SMD Type), easy to apply to any of your products.
  • Controllable from CPU(MCU).
  • Works on a single voltage DC 3.3V.